I offer therapy services in; Hindi, English, Norwegian, Punjabi, Swedish and Urdu.


About me

My name is Sidra Raoof Chaudry, a licensed and qualified UKCP accredited Psychotherapist in United Kingdom and Sweden. I provide a space where we build on our therapeutic relationship in a confidential and non-judgmental setting. With my multi-lingual background, I can provide therapy in different languages. Therefore, I also offer culturally sensitive and culturally inclusive therapy if needed.

I offer therapy services in; Hindi, English, Norwegian, Punjabi, Swedish and Urdu.

NOTE : I usually offer therapy for individuals 16 years and above

I typically reply all email inquiries within 24 hours.



I provide open-ended long term therapy, allowing the client to evolve in their own pace as meaningful and long-lasting change could be a slow
process. The safe environment and the therapeutic relationship built in long-term therapy could be where the real change can occur within yourself. This is also together with not having a time limit or time pressure, while reviewing our agreed goals. This is an option we can look into and discuss what would suit you best.

Short-term therapy is also offered to clients who feel they want to delve into transitional areas and moments of their life and may have a specific goal or decision they want and need to make. This could be for example wanting tools and tips for specific issues that have arised recently in your life such as anger management; feeling stuck in a job, changing job or were made
redundant; or it could be a simple case of financial constraint and would like to have some help to the extent possible for one.

I also provide online therapy which can be as effective as face-to-face sessions. This is a fantastic option for you, while living through a pandemic, COVID-19. This is also suitable for you who may need more flexibility in your schedule and therapy session appointments. This couls be due to time constraints or not being able to travel to a location which reduce any additional costs. Furthermore, you can choose your own comfortable and secure space to have our sessions. There is also the option of having the sessions via telephone or online without turning on your video.



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Do you feel like your heart beats so wildly and loud against your ribcage almost so that
you can hear it? Are you feeling nervous like your stomach will drop similarly to when
riding a roller coaster that is about to tip over the edge? Is sleeping peacefully at night,
without having a lot of thoughts running around in your head, a long gone distant
memory? You may be experiencing some sort of anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most
common mental health problems individuals experience around the world. You may feel
distress or some sort of uneasiness of mind caused due to different reasons which could
sometimes even lead to some physical symptoms. Therapy could be a way to help you to
heal and explore the issues causing you symptoms of anxiety. If you feel ready to further
explore these issues or would just want to start off with an initial consultation, schedule
your appointment now.


Do you feel overwhelmed from your past experiences? Have you been emotionally,
mentally, physically abused or perhaps experienced a sudden life change? Are you having
nightmares and intrusive memories making it hard to function in your daily life? Perhaps
you are working with individuals who are survivors of traumatic events that may leave you
feeling angry, sadness or even hopeless? Experiencing some sort of trauma can leave one
having trust issues, being in an elevated state of seeking safety, re-live the trauma or
perhaps finding it difficult to be emotionally present. Within a confidential and safe space,
we can together explore these issues. If you feel you are ready to work and invest in
yourself, I look forward hearing from you when scheduling your initial assessment.


Are you feeling empty and lost? Do you generally not feel a pleasure in life and experience
yourself low in mood? Does mundane everyday tasks require all of your energy and drain
you out? You may be experiencing symptoms of depression such as sadness, finding it
difficult to concentrate and stuck in negative thought process going as far as having
suicidal thoughts. Sharing and exploring your thoughts with trusted professionals, such
as a psychotherapist, could be a big help for you in these difficult times. Schedule your
initial assessment with myself today, and we can discuss about this further.


Is spirituality a big part of your life or is something you are seeking in your life? Are you
looking for meaning in your life by exploring a connection to something greater than the
self? Some people may relate spirituality to religious beliefs and some may relate it to
having an awareness and connection to something greater than the self. However you may
relate spirituality to, it may be a way to explore your body, mind and soul by accessing
your belief system and explore a deeper connection with the self. Spirituality may be a
fantastic option to incorporate within your therapy. To discuss about this further, book
your initial assessment and let us together explore about this.